Jaegers-daughter-rescuers1F-Lv2 316

Jaeger's daughter as she appears in The Rescuers

Little is known about Jaeger's daughter. She has yellow eyes like Jaeger, but the identity of her mother and whether Jaeger is actually her biological father is unknown.


Dream SequenceEdit

Xini jaegers-daughter-dreamsequenceF-Lv2 148

Jaeger's daughter in the center

The first published appearance of Jaeger's daughter is toward the end of Dream Sequence (storyline), when Magri White escorts Jaeger out of the Elsewhere corporate building. The footnotes confirm that those are her children (and Jaeger's grandchildren) on either side of her.

The RescuersEdit

A small girl with yellow eyes makes several brief appearances in The Rescuers (storyline). When Lydia asks Jaeger what he did when he discovered he had a daughter, he replies, "I stole her."

Third WorldEdit

At the end of Part 14, Jaeger makes a phone call to a "Matron" who is apparently involved in taking care of his daughter. The matron mentions unpaid costs for the child's care (likely the reason he took the job with X-Ray's) before letting him talk to his daughter.