"Counting Coup" is an eight-page short story, originally included in Sin Eater, Volume Two (book). It also appeared in January 2001 as part of a [ feature] spotlighting Speed's work. [1]

As of 2013 May 7 it has not been included in any of the Dark Horse Comics books or digital editions.

Synopsis Edit

Xini carries a case to her small city apartment, only to find her front door blocked from the inside by a grand piano, with Jaeger lying on top of it. Jaeger claims to have acquired it from someone who simply wanted to get rid of it, and he decided it would be perfect for Xini, who "stole her own dowry and ran off to the city because she loved listening to piano music on the radio".

Jaeger asks her to play, but her first note is immediately followed by music at a deafening volume from Xini's downstairs neighbors. She walks downstairs to ask them to turn it down, but the man who answers the door refuses.

When she returns to her own apartment, Jaeger offers to "fix" the situation, but Xini is wary of being stuck with the consequences when Jaeger inevitably moves on. Jaeger suggests going out to get away from the noise, but Xini opens the case she brought home to reveal a practice keyboard and responds that she hoped to spend the weekend practicing.

Xini finally acquiesces, and as they walk downstairs, Jaeger spots an open utility closet. Peeking inside, he discovers that it contains electrical regulators, including the one for Xini's neighbors. He flips the switch, and the deafening music immediately stops. Jaeger and Xini triumphantly walk away as the sound of confused voices and a crying baby comes from the neighbors' apartment.

Connections Edit

The concept of counting coup appears again in King Of The Cats (storyline). Xini briefly appears in Dream Sequence, and while she does not appear in the story, Xini (or a woman who closely resembles her) appears on the cover and a pinup for Five Crazy Women (book)